Consumers can check the back of each of our individual packets for our allergen declaration line to confirm which allergens are included as an ingredient.

All Richester products are made in a facility that uses milk, soy, gelatine and peanuts as ingredients.

All our products are listed on our website and each product’s ingredients are noted in detail and allergens are clearly indicated and separately highlighted.

All Richester candy is produced in a facility that manufactures and stores peanuts, milk and soy.

If you look at our individual ingredients listing of each of our products, you will find individual “E Numbers”. These “E numbers” replace the chemical or common name of particular food additives. These additives/E-numbers are used to enhance the colour, flavour, texture or prevent food from spoiling. In Europe, these are referred to as E numbers (the E stands for Europe) In short, the E-number is the shortened name for the particular colour or flavour used. To establish what each individual E number stands for, search for the E number in your web browser for details.

Our products are proudly manufactured at our production facilities in South Africa.

The number of candy in each of our bags is very clearly displayed on the front of our unique packaging. All our products are automatically packed using automated multi-head weighers and these are programmed to pack by weight. At times, the number of individual pieces may be more or sometimes less  in each bag, but the weight we promise to sell you will always be correct. If on the odd occasion there are less candy units compared to what we declare, it means that the weight of each candy is slightly higher resulting in lesser total units. This happens on very rare occasions as we always strive to deliver the exact quantity we promised.

All products are individually wrapped in an automated process using unique packing machines. There are times when the twisting fingers of the machines miss picking up a candy and empties are generated. Due to the automated process in which our candy is wrapped, sometimes these empty wrappers find their way into the final sealed bag. Due to all our products being packed by automatic multi-head weighers, an empty wrapper’s weight is not picked up by the scale so the final total weight of the candy bag will never waive from what we promise, i.e. the empty wrapper is not counted as a full sweet as the empty wrapper has zero weight.

What we are trying to say is should you find empties in your bag of Richester candy purchased, it does not mean we supplied you less candy than promised.

For a small quantity of individual packet purchases you can buy directly from us via our online store. Please click on link below to access our online store

For bulk orders, a minimum order quantity will apply for you to deal directly with us. For bulk order enquiries, please email sales@richester.co.za  with your proposed pallet order quantities and we will get a member of our sales team to contact you.

We realise that companies come in all shapes and sizes, so if your order does not meet our minimum order quantity requirements to deal directly with us, we will refer you to a distributor/stockist of our products in your area.

We do prefer if smaller shopkeepers purchase directly from our distributors instead of directly from us. Please use our Store Locator to see the list of stores that stock our products.

Carnauba wax is an extremely useful natural renewable resource used as one of our coating ingredients for some of our candies. It is harvested from the leaves of the Carnauba palm which is only grown in certain regions of Brazil.

The following Richester products contain Carnauba wax:

  • Mintex Chewing Gum
  • Dr Mint Chewy Mint Candy
  • Wacky Ball Gum

Citric acid is a chemical compound naturally occurring in citrus fruits.

Ascorbic acid is a vitamin, commonly referred to as Vitamin C and is derived from fresh fruit sugars.

The lactic acid in Richester products is derived from beets via chemical syntheses and is dairy-free.

All gelatine used  in Richester products are derived from beef origin and is certified strictly Halaal by the NIHT Islamic Halaal certification authority.

The Richester products that contain gelatine are:

  • Chewy Creme
  • Dr Mint
  • Melloworld

No, not at all.

Bubblegum and chewing gum are made from natural gum bases and contains absolutely no gelatine at all as an ingredient.

Vegetarian refers to all our products that contain milk but no other ingredients of animal origin (i.e. does not contain gelatine).

Vegan products contain no ingredients of animal origin (i.e. does not contain milk or gelatine).

Vegetarian products contain milk but no other ingredients of animal origin. These products are:

  1. Joosy Chews
  2. Chocolate Eclairs
  3. Toffito
  4. Choo Me
  5. Milky Bon
  6. Chocolate Eclair Bites
  7. Zumba
  8. Suck-a-Pop
  9. XPOP Energy
  10. Milkimelo
  11. Tango (All variants)
  12. 2POP Ice Cream
  13. Chocolate Eclair Lollipops
  14. Zizoo
  15. Mintex
  16. Coco Bongo
  17. Sherbiez

Vegan products contain no ingredients derived from animal origin.

Please find below a list of our vegan Brands:

  1. Joosy Chews
  2. Choo Me
  3. Zumba Ice Mint & Mint Fresh
  4. Suck-a-Pop
  5. XPOP Energy
  6. Tango Bubblegum Filled
  7. Zizoo
  8. Mintex
  9. Sherbiez
  1. Chewy Crème
  2. Dr Mint
  3. Melloworld

Yes. Absolutely all Richester products are certified Halaal by the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT) which is a recognised Halaal certification authority in South Africa.

All Richester products have a maximum shelf life of 24 months but depending on the category of the products, the shelf life differs.

18 months

All Richester bubblegum, chewing gum, deposited candy products (Milkimelo, Zumba Candy, 2Pop), Chocolates, Éclair pop Peanut and Éclair Pop Popcorn have an 18 month shelf life.

24 months

All other Richester products not noted above under the 18 month heading, have a 24 month shelf life.

Each of our outer bags are individually labelled with the Date of Manufacture and Date of Expiry. Please look at the back of our product bag for the expiry date. Individual candies are not marked with expiry dates as our automated laser jet printing machines, that we used to label our products, are not able to print the small surfaces of our individual packing. Please always refer to our outer bags for the expiry date.

Each piece of naked candy is individually wrapped by automated individual wrapping machines. This process is fully automated with minimal human intervention.

The general public cannot collect online orders nor purchase directly from our premises. Only pre-approved company-arranged courier companies are allowed onto our premises to collect online orders for delivery.

Please visit our online store to see the unique individual packet pricing of our products. Please note the pricing noted on our online store is for individual packet purchases. For bulk and wholesale pricing, please send an email to sales@richester.co.za with your pallet order quantities to receive an official quotation. If your order does not meet our minimum order quantity requirements, you will not receive a formal quotation but will be referred to our approved distributor in your area.

The general public can order online or look for their closest store using the Store Locator on this website. 

For bulk and wholesale pricing, please send an email to sales@richester.co.za with your pallet order quantities to receive an official quotation. If your order does not meet our minimum order quantity requirements, you will not receive a formal quotation but will be referred to our approved distributor in your area.

Our contact details can  be found on our Contact Us page. Contact us directly for any queries, questions, concerns or if you want to send us a compliment!

We do not have a physical retail store. We only supply directly to the public via our online retail store for individual packet purchases. For larger quantities we urge you to refer to the Store Locator for a full detailed listing of all stockists of our products in your area.